She is my Sun

Hello. This is the window to my soul. This is something I wrote a year ago and is mmm I guess my style. It is Pre-loss. Down the line I will post Post-loss. Please be kind and don't copy and paste. Thanks for reading 🙂 Mom's eyes before I left stain my memory They flash... Continue Reading →


No More

  I've been sick and traveling. From Colorado to California. Then back again. However this is only half of the reason why I've failed to post lately. Going back to my hometown is usually a bit depressing. I see my mom everywhere there. And it is so damn painful. But I like to accept those... Continue Reading →

~Sleeping pains~

This is a small poem about dreaming. Being with my mom in sleep but awaking to her absence. Grief is different for everyone. I write free verse poems. I've only recently started to edit the ones I might share. And I never shared much. I love to fill up journals and notebooks. It is a... Continue Reading →

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